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Diane, Diane, Diane - The Icon

The woman can cut a dress.

That’s the first thing about Diane Von Furstenburg – though not the coolest. Diane built her business on a simple wrap dress in 1974. Just two years later, she sold over five million of them. And she was 29, and on the cover of Newsweek.

While it’s often pointed out that the wrap dress is for “women on the go” – suggested, of course, that “on the go” means running around meetings and to dinners and whatnot,

always looking fabulous because the wrap dress is so flattering and travels beautifully. And it in a variety of colors and fabrics, the dress has been everywhere from a day at the beach to the red carpet.

And then there’s this:

“If you are trying to slip out without waking a sleeping man, zips are a nightmare. Haven’t you ever tried to creep out of the room unnoticed the following morning? I’ve done that many times.”

Yes, there’s that too. Especially if you never intend to see him again.

We’ve got a few DVF dresses in stock – come on out and try them on. And remember – if we don’t have it in stock, we can find it.

(photo credits: Everett, Fashionstock, Christopher Masurak)

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